Monday, July 13, 2009

All Star Break

All Star Break means the summer is half over. At least it does to me. I always greet it with a mixture of sadness (the end of summer is on the horizon) and excitement (everything matters more - games and long days to be enjoyed). I don't normally pay much attention to the All Star Game itself. I never liked it because it didn't count and then, when they decided to make it count, I liked it even less. So I usually ignore it.

This year, though, the All Star Game is taking place here in my home town. So it has been hard to avoid. Lots of people are in town and everything is spruced up. No, I don't have tickets and that's ok with me. Especially since the President is throwing out the first pitch and that means security is going to be a nightmare. But I do hope all of our visitors have a great time.

The All Star Break is also usually the point in the summer when things get very busy for me, both at the office and in my personal life. So don't be surprised if I'm not around much. I expect that I'll be too busy (or too far away from my computer) to post much during the next few weeks and maybe even through the rest of the summer.