Thursday, March 7, 2013

The View from my Window 2013

I've said before that if I look out my office window and crane my head to the right I have a beautiful view of the Gateway Arch and the Mississippi River . But if I just look out my window straight, this is what I see:

Not quite so pretty huh?   You can see a bit of the Arch grounds over on the far right and one of the bridges in the background.  But mostly I just see buildings. 

But today I had something to watch.  The building with the "KMO" on top is actually the KMOV television building.  It used to be known as the KMOX radio building, even though KMOV was also in there, and it had no letters on it to identify it.  But KMOX radio moved to a new building so I guess KMOV gets to call the shots now. The workmen were putting the letters on top of the building today and it took them most of the day.  Actually they put the "K" up yesterday and the rest of the letters today. 

Here they are hoisting the final "V" up the building:

And here is the final "KMOV" in place:

It doesn't really improve the view.   If I look over to the left I can see the dome of the Old Courthouse.  I'll take a picture of that some day and post it.