Saturday, September 8, 2012

Doggone Fun

Today, it was once again time for the annual dog swim at the local pool.  Each year, after Labor Day when the pools close to people patrons but before the pool is drained for the winter, a fund raiser is held for the local dog park.  For a small fee, you can bring your dog(s) to swim in the pool and cavort with the other dogs.

 The above picture doesn't really show how many dogs showed up with their people.  It was hard to take pictures on my iphone because it was so sunny.

Here's another but it still doesn't show everyone on all sides of the pool:

My sister took her dog Truman to swim and I tagged along.  Truman LOVES to swim and he must have remembered the last time he was brought to Swim Day because he practically dragged my sister from the car to the entrance of the pool complex. He was sooo excited.  And once in the water, it was impossible to get him out.  I swear he would retrieve until he was so tired he would drown.

Here is a very wet Truman waiting for his floating toy to once again be thrown into the water so that he can retrieve it.

And here he is, bringing it back (he was in the "lazy river" portion of the pool).

He had a great day and was one tired puppy when it was over.