Saturday, October 29, 2011

11 in 11

I spent last night at the 7th game of the World Series watching the Cardinals win.  It was a totally different experience from the 2006 Series game that I went to even though both were games where the Series was won by the Cardinals. 

In 2006, I knew that they hadn’t had a great season and it was a shock that they got to the Series and I was on pins and needles the entire time. Everyone in the crowd around me was the same.  This time, they had a terrible season up until the end and it was a shock that they got to the Series but I was just so happy they were in it that I didn’t even really care if they won.  And many of the people around me weren’t even paying attention to the game, they were too busy taking pictures to show that they were there.

There was a large group of people who didn’t get tickets to the game who brought lawn chairs and watched through the left field gates.  As the game went on the crowd out there grew until there seemed to be thousands of people.  The benefit (perhaps the sole benefit) of big empty lot next to the stadium, where the old stadium used to be, is that it can hold thousands of partying people.   And they did party.  The streets were packed when the game was over.  Everyone was so happy.  Strangers were high fiving each other.

The parade is Sunday and that should be a lot of fun. 

And then the hot stove league starts and we find out of Albert is staying or leaving us.