Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Captain Jack’s Almost Back

Reviews of the new Torchwood are starting to come out and it premieres on Friday.  Over the last couple of months I’ve been reading some bloggers who have been watching Torchwood in preparation for the new series.  I’ve noticed that those who don’t want to watch Doctor Who seem really confused about Captain Jack’s background. 

So I present the only Doctor Who scene you have to watch to kinda sorta understand Jack’s past.  In this scene he has re-joined the Doctor for the first time since his very first death at the hands of the Daleks.  The Doctor has been less than welcoming to him.  But then, suddenly, the Doctor volunteers Jack for a mission in a room full of radiation that is certain to kill anyone who enters.  Jack, of course, goes along with the plan.

It really is a nice scene. The Doctor seldom gets to talk to a man his own age who isn’t an enemy. And this might be one of John Barrowman’s best scenes as Captain Jack. And as a bonus, you get glimpses of Derek Jacobi trying to remember what he has forgotten.  That isn’t important for these purposes, but I always like to see Derek Jacobi.