Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Gifted Man

I’m not usually into television shows about ghosts – except for The Ghost and Mrs. Muir which was on when I was a kid.   But “spiritual” ghosts usually don’t interest me.

But I just discovered that Jennifer Ehle is going to be starring in a new CBS drama called A Gifted Man that has been picked up for the fall.  She plays the ex-wife of surgeon Michael Holt who has come back from the dead to … teach him the meaning of life.  Ok, ok.  It sounds incredibly silly.  But … Jennifer Ehle!   She was the perfect Elizabeth Bennet in the television production of Pride and Prejudice that starred Colin Firth.

And to top it off, Julie Benz is on it too.  I’ve always liked Julie Benz since she played the receptionist in As Good As It Gets who asks Jack Nicholson how he writes such great women characters.  And of course she was a great Darla on Buffy and Angel.   I watched some episodes of her No Ordinary Family that was recently cancelled and really liked her in it.  So I’m glad she’s in a new series that got picked up.

The pilot was directed by Jonathan Demme.  I’m finding it hard to think he’ll be a regular director for television but I guess stranger things have happened.  

Click the link to see a preview.