Friday, April 15, 2011

Wherein I finish my Veronica Mars Marathon …

OK.  Now I get it. 

I mean, I watched the third season of Veronica Mars back in Real Time because many people told me I should.  And I liked it.  I was sorry it got cancelled.  But I can’t say that I loved it.   That’s because I didn’t really get it because I hadn’t seen Seasons 1 and 2. 

I liked the Nancy Drew aspects of the series, but I didn’t really understand why Veronica had this incredibly boring boyfriend named Logan - who lived in a hotel, which just seemed weird. 

I kept thinking that Veronica needed a real boyfriend.  She needed to get together with that guy Piz, who clearly liked her and seemed like a normal college guy.  He lived in a dorm room.   He worked at the college radio station. But then she did get together with him, and I found myself unsatisfied.

Then the series ended.

A couple of weeks ago when I was doing my taxes and having my annual lovefest with the shredder, I discovered that all three seasons of Veronica Mars are on streaming Netflix.  So I started watching.  And now I get it.

I have no idea why the writers decided to drastically change Logan in Season 3.  I suspect it was intended to be a transitional year.  After all, they put him through a lot in the first two seasons.  Pretty much every important person in his life died – except for his best friend who ran away to Australia.  And Veronica.  Now that I’ve seen the first two seasons I can understand the season 3 Logan much better.  And the character seemed to be transitioning toward the end of the season into someone better.  Someone like an older version of the younger Logan, it turns out.  But then the series was cancelled so there was nothing to transition to.

But now I get it.  And I’m sadder than ever that Veronica Mars was cancelled.