Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What’s the Plural of Prius?

Yeah, that’s a new Toyota ad campaign.  I’m going with Prii (pre aye).

I got myself a Prius last summer and so far I’m loving it.  And it doesn’t drive any worse in the snow than my Corolla did.  I get great gas mileage (although not as great in the winter as when it was warm).  It’s comfortable.  I didn’t get all the bells and whistles, just a basic model.  The only extra I sometimes wish I’d gotten was the leather heated seats.   But I only wish that on really cold days.    

There are a few things I would change that all are design flaws but wouldn’t make me not buy the car again.  I find it hard to back up straight.  I don’t know why (I had a hatchback long ago as my first car and had no problem) but I’m thinking it has to do with the location of the back windshield wiper.  It creates a false center for the back window.  I’d fix that if it were up to me.

I can’t see the front of the car so I never know if I’m going to run into the wall in the parking garage when I’m parking.  I stop right before I’m sure I’m going to run into it.  Then find I’m a good foot and a half away.  It’s also hard to judge the back of the car, but not as bad as the front. 

There’s no place to store change.  Truly I find this the most annoying design flaw since my Corolla had at least 3 places to store change, two of which were designed for change.  What gives Toyota?   

But on the whole I like it.

Now.  Sing along … what do you call one when it turns into more … Smile