Friday, December 24, 2010

And on Earth, Peace …

A thought I endorse heartily.

To those who celebrate, have a Very Merry Christmas!

This one is almost as fun to sing as the Hallelujah Chorus:

And while I’m feeling musical (maybe it’s the snow for Christmas), back in the day when I sang Midnight Mass with the Choir my favorite moment was when we sang Adeste Fidelis (O Come All Ye Faithful).  In the Catholic Church you don’t sing any Christmas Carols until it is actually Christmas.  The weeks before Christmas are called Advent and they are the preparation time.  Then (finally!) there are 12 days of Christmas beginning with Christmas and ending with Epiphany.  There is no pressure to feel “Christmasy” until it is actually Christmas. 

Secular Christmas has pretty much ruined that, what with Christmas music starting in September. 

O Come All Ye Faithful for me still means Christmas is starting.  This is the procession at the National Cathedral, which is Episcopal I think.  But same concept.   Lots of verses, lots of processors,  last verse is the best:

Is it time for presents yet?   Smile