Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why Am I Fascinated with Wombats?

I’ve never seen a wombat in person.  But ever since my sisters returned from a trip to Australia with stories (and pictures) of wombats I’ve been fascinated by them.  And their square poop. 

On Steve Reads I saw there is a picture book:  Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French. 

Here is the Wombat’s  usual diary entry:


Morning: Slept.

Afternoon: Slept.

Evening: Ate grass. Scratched.

Night: Ate grass.

Heh.  But things change when she meets humans.

Steve says this is a “classic” book but I’ve never heard of it.  Here is the publisher’s summary:

Wombats are cuddly-looking, slow-moving Australian animals. Their favorite activities are eating, sleeping, and digging holes. Here, in the words of one unusually articulate wombat, is the tongue-in-cheek account of a busy week; eating, sleeping, digging holes . . . and training its new neighbors, a family of humans, to produce treats on demand. This entertaining book, with its brief, humorous text and hilarious illustrations, will endear the wombat to young children, who may recognize in the determined furry creature some qualities that they share.

If you click through to Steve Reads you’ll see some cute pictures from the book.   I’m in love with it and I haven’t even seen the actual book.  I want to buy it for some child. 

Must. Restrain. Self.