Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This and That

Real life has been a little hectic so even though I see things that interest me, I haven’t found time to blog about them.  Here are a few of those things:

  • Maybe Emily Dickinson was more interesting than I’ve always thought.  Or at least, maybe her family was.   Her latest biographer thinks so.

  • Stephen Emms didn’t like the ending of Anna Karenina.   Heh.  I thought Anna Karenina’s pastoral ending was a dream compared to the end of War and Peace which you might recall almost did me in.

  • An interesting experiment in writing speeds on various modern gadgets.   With graphs.  Turns out the iphone keyboard, that most of us don’t like,  isn’t really that slow to type on.  (h/t Kottke)

  • Finally, here’s an interesting youtube that shows how much television is shot in front of green screens (h/t Kottke).