Saturday, January 30, 2010

It’s still Winter?

It’s bitterly cold again and we got a light dusting of snow overnight. Thank goodness it’s almost February and the shortest month of the year. I know we have six more weeks of winter but by March, with the light at the end of the tunnel beginning to show, I have a much better attitude toward winter.

To remind myself that summer will come again, here’s a summer picture from a couple of years ago. This was the first time Truman met his “cousin” Max. Now Truman is as big, if not bigger, than Max. And he loves the snow.


It’s going to be a long couple of winter months without much on TV to watch. Glee doesn’t come back until April. Stargate Universe doesn’t come back until April. And now Dollhouse is over.

I thought it had a good ending. I was glad that by the end the writers had killed off my two least favorite characters: November and Ballard. I kept wishing they’d get rid of Ballard but I knew he was supposed to be the love interest so I doubted they would. But they managed a very clever way to kill him (twice in a season) but keep him (twice). I would have been ok if they had killed off Felicia Day too. But one can’t have everything.

I’m glad they didn’t kill Alpha – I’m still too traumatized from Whedon killing Alan Tudyk’s character in Serenity. I do wish they would have had more time to show how Alpha evolved. They never explained that. They also never explained how the little girl Echo didn’t go crazy from the multiple personalities in her head. After all, even Victor couldn’t handle that and he had doll architecture. But that’s ok. It didn’t bother me that much.

I hope someone gives Enver Gjokaj a great role really soon. He was, as usual, great in the last episode. I loved the Mad Max feel to his world. I liked how the writers ended it with Victor and Sierra.

The LA dollhouse must have had an endless food supply. And wasn’t it fortunate that Alpha showed up first and cleaned up all the dead bodies including Dr. Saunders?

All in all a good end. I can’t really say I’m sorry they cancelled it but I wish they would have given the team a full season to wrap things up. The last five or six episodes were well done but, for obvious reasons, felt rushed. Credit to Fox for airing the whole half season it ordered though.