Wednesday, January 6, 2010


When the entire world decided to read Infinite Jest together last year I demurred.  I just wasn’t interested enough to commit the time to it. 

Now there is going to be group read of Robert Bolano’s novel 2666.  I might try that.

The format here will be similar to Infinite Summer’s group read of Infinite Jest. There will be a schedule, a weekly recap, and some analysis from guides. There will also be a Twitter hashtag. Since this read is not limited to or sponsored by Infinite Summer, I propose #2666 instead of #infsum—partly because it’s one character shorter and partly because people are already using it.

Pages 1-51 are due the week of January 25th so I still have time to pick up the novel and keep on schedule.  And if I don’t like it I can always drop out, right?

If I do this I’m going to have to figure out how to make that squiggly line over the “n” in his name.    Or maybe I’ll just always refer to him as “RB”.   Yeah … that’s the ticket.   RB.