Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting in the Spirit

I haven’t been much in the spirit this year.  Truthfully, 2009 has sucked and I can’t wait for it to be over.  So I’m much more interested in getting past New Year’s this year than the Christmas holidays.  

I never put up a tree in 2008 because I wasn’t much in the mood last year either, what with the total meltdown of the economy and everyone wondering if they were going to have a job in 2009 and all.   This year I went back and forth on the whole tree thing.  I wasn’t planning on having any holiday parties and my “big” tree is, well,  pretty big.  It takes a long time to put up (and take down).   It seemed like a lot of work for just me to see.

I almost ditched the whole idea but it has been such a downer of a year that I thought I ought to do something rather than nothing.  So I got out the little tree that I used to use before I moved into my current house and put it up in my study /tv room where I spend most of my time anyway.   


I found my holiday playlist and realized that most of my holiday music didn’t even get played in 2008.   So I’m playing some of it this year.   But it all sounds pretty much like this to me:

It’s supposed to snow tonight.  Maybe that will get me in the mood.

Update:   More fun from Andif: