Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What’s a Body to Do?

Fox has taken Dollhouse off the air during sweeps month ( a bad sign if you ask me) but the production folks have still been busy.   New character “Senator Daniel Perrin” has been twittering

RT @SENDanielPerrin: I have something they can't quash. Evidence in the form of a witness.

hmmm.   November maybe?  Or maybe a customer.

In the meantime Rossum Corporation has responded to Senator Perrin’s investigation with a press release that it has published on its website

"It is not the job of the United States government to oversee medical research - our investors can remain confident we will re enforce this point to everybody involved. No laws have been broken - it is our job to ensure laws are set which ensure the complete freedom for companies like Rossum for the benefit of humanity, " said Mr Ambrose.

The contact page on the website is interesting:

If you find yourself in less-than-desirable circumstances, if the world appears to be closing in on you and you don't see a way out, don't despair! Our work here at Rossum is to help you resurface. You may have unexpected options.

Contact us now for a confidential evaluation

I didn’t dial the number.

But someone did:

I phoned the number on the Rossum website and sometime later I got a call back with a short message, simply telling me to "ditch the tech". I went back online, and found this site.

Warning, if you click the link you get (short) video.   Very creative.  DON’T PICK UP THE PHONE!

I love this creative marketing.  I hope it works. 

In the meantime, I’ve been watching Stargate Universe (on hulu – but I’m not completely sold on the series yet) and I was struck by something this week.  The characters on the show are stuck on board a spaceship many light years from earth.  The only way they have to communicate with anyone on Earth is using some strange technology that involves switching bodies with someone on earth.  So, for instance, Colonel Young on the spaceship switches bodies with Colonel Telford on Earth.   Then Telford refuses to return Young’s body because Telford wants to take control of the ship (at least temporarily).  So Young is hanging out on Earth in Telford’s body and visits his (Young’s)  ex-wife and has sex  with her using Telford’s body.   What are the ethics of that?   Anyway, it reminded me of Dollhouse.  Is the ethics of using other people’s bodies the new television science fiction theme?

And Caprica  supposedly will also explore the use of bodies by other personalities.   It premiers January 22.