Monday, November 9, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

Highlights of my trip to Walt Disney World:

  • Great weather! High in the low 80’s, low humidity, lows in the 60’s. One night it was even chilly enough that I wished I had a sweater.
  • Light crowds! We walked onto most rides without much of a wait. Mom got to ride her favorite ride (Tower of Terror) six times on this trip. I got to ride Star Tours three times. We rode Soarin’ two times. The longest wait we had was when my mom and I went on the Great Movie Ride and things got backed up and a woman fainted. That was about half an hour.
  • Fabulous Food! I had never been to either of the restaurants at the French pavilion at EPCOT. On Friday we went to the cafe portion (no white tablecloths) and I had a simple roast chicken with a mixture of roasted potatoes (white, purple and sweet potatoes) that just melted in the mouth. On our first night we had reservations at The California Grill in the Contemporary Hotel. I had pork tenderloin that just melted in the mouth. My sister had scallops and my mom had lobster risotto. We had never been to the California Grill and were really looking forward to it. The food didn’t disappoint but the ambience did. The restaurant is all hard surfaces and when it is full of loud parents/children it is VERY LOUD. I doubt we’ll go back; but the food was good. We also had a great meal at the restaurant at the Italy pavilion on Saturday.
  • Great hotel accomodations. We had the perfect room, near the “quiet” pool with an entrance/exit just around the corner from our room.
  • Virtual rollercoaster! My sister and I waited in line and designed our ride and had a great time “riding” it. We decided we could have designed an even better ride if we wanted to wait in the line again, but we didn’t want to wait. But there is always next year.
  • Good friends! Got to catch up with a friend I don’t often see who lives in Florida. That needs to happen more often.

All in all it was a great trip. The only thing I would change if I could was the composition of the rest of the crowd that was there. They were LOUD. They yelled even when they weren’t yelling. Who were they? I don’t know but they were all from New Jersey (and they all seemed to be Italian American). So next year I’m going to check out the New Jersey school closing calendar and make sure I don’t go the week that New Jersey schools are closed for elections/teacher convention.