Friday, October 9, 2009

TV Town

This week I was back to not watching much TV.  Thank goodness.

Castle.  Fun episode incorporating fashion week into the plot. No big developments.  At least none that I can remember.  But I was watching it with Truman so I was a little distracted.

Glee.   I love this show.  It is my current favorite show; I like it even more than Castle.  The mashup numbers the kids did this week were great. This show gets better and better every week.  I was explaining to a friend that all the adult characters are caricatures.  Which sounds weird and you would think that would be a problem. But not only does it not hinder the show, it helps it.   And I can't quite figure out why except that all the adults are adult versions of a highschool "type" whereas the actual high school kids are intended to have depth or at least be developing depth.  Maybe the adults are a lesson in what could happen to them if they don't branch out?    

Dollhouse. Goodness gracious.  On the whole I liked this episode and thought it was very cleverly written and directed by Tim Minear and David Solomon, respectively.   But Enver Gjokaj should be the star of this show.  I completely believe that he is whatever character he is supposed to be whenever a personality is imprinted on him.   And yet I always remember that he is Victor.  That is quite a feat.   I said when this show started that it was designed as a showcase for Eliza Dushku.  Instead it has turned out to be a showcase for Gjokaj.   I don't think this show is going to last and I hope he gets his own show when it is taken off the air.    Lots of fun things in this episode though.