Saturday, October 3, 2009

This Week in TV Land.

Here's what I watched:

The National Parks:  America's Best Idea:  Beautifully filmed.   A little more boring than the rest of Burns' documentaries though.  I actually liked the part about the park in Acadia better than the western parts. 

Castle:  With two murders on the same night, Beckett splits the team and Castle instigates a bet with Esposito and Ryan as to which team will solve their murder first.   Shhhh, don't tell Beckett.    This series feels like the cast has been together for years, rather than only one shortened season.  If they keep on the same track it should continue getting better and better. 

Glee: Kristin Chenoweth guest starred and she was great.  I hope they bring her back.  The plot was, as usual, completely unrealistic.  But it was a strong episode for Jayma Mays (counselor Emma Pillsbury).   Best line:  "Hey, there's always Branson."

Bones.   A much better episode in general because Sweets and, especially, Cam had bigger parts.  But the ending was weak.  It's seemed as if they ran out of time and just decided to end it by bringing in an unrelated third person who was the killer.   The music was beautiful, though.

Dollhouse.  I predict that baby actor will be in high demand in Hollywood.  What a smile!   The end of the episode seemed to confirm my belief that Multiple Personality Echo and Ballard came to some kind of agreement "offstage" in the last episode of last season.   I thought the contrast between Echo and the pain she feels from feeling everything she's been programmed to feel and Madeleine's Stepford Wife personality was heavy handed. Or is it just that I hate Miracle Laurie's acting?   Was she supposed to be Stepford Wife-ish?  Or was she supposed to be 'normal' and bad acting made her Stepford Wife-ish?    On the other hand I thought Senator Perrin's wife (I suppose she was his wife) was also somewhat Stepford wife-ish.   

I discovered that Big Bang Theory is not on hulu.  Looks like it will not be part of my regular viewing.  Very short sighted of CBS.

I think I'm still suffering the after effects of my August sickness when I watched a lot of TV.  I haven't watched this much TV in the last 15 years.  Although part of that is due to the Ken Burns special.  On the other hand I've gotten hold of the first season of Dexter so I have something else to watch when I'm bored.