Saturday, April 25, 2009

Springtime, TV and Reading

In the comments to yesterday's post andif commented that Truman might like me to read him the last book in AS Byatt's Fredericka Potter series.  A Whistling Woman has been sitting on my shelf looking at me for a few months but I was determined to finish Anna Karenina before I started another long book. 

Late yesterday I also read an article about Byatt published in The Guardian and learned she has a new novel coming out called The Children's Book.  I consider this another nudge by the universe to get back to A Whistling Woman.   

But it's spring, all my windows are open and I'm in the midst of spring cleaning.  I need to get out into my yard and do some yard cleanup and I have two major home improvement projects that are supposed to start in a couple of weeks.  It just isn't the time of year for reading long books.  At least not for me.

Or really for watching TV.  The last two Friday nights have been beautiful.  It is the time of year to leave work and sit outside at one of the nice patio bars that open this time of year and listen to music until after dark.  Maybe that's why, when I got home last night, I really wasn't all that into watching the Dollhouse episode.

I think some interesting things were revealed about character - especially Adele (Addie?) but also Ballard.  I really disliked Ballard last night.   And his little moment of self-realization in the shower didn't mitigate it.    And I disliked Topher for creating a fake friend.   But I loved Victor as the horse dude.   And I actually enjoyed Eliza Dushku playing an older woman in a younger woman's body.  And, oddly, I liked the "Dynasty" aspect to the story in the clothing and the country house etc.