Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poets and Poetry

Over at Harriet, Cathy Halley posted the following:

In response to Travis's last post, Iain says: "I'd be very interested in a poll that asked people what stereotypes they associate with poetry and poets."

So would we. So let's ask that question far and wide:

What stereotypes do you associate with poetry and poets?

Stereotypes. Well, poet stereotypes abound. Sensitive and moody top the list. Poor. (Definitely poor.) Impractical. Now that I think about it there are really a lot of negative stereotypes of poets. But when I think of one of my favorite living poets, Billy Collins, he just seems like a regular guy who happens to write poetry.

Concerning Poetry itself, I find hard to think of stereotypes because I dismiss them too easily. Difficult to understand. (It isn't really). Only meant for highly educated people (how do you think illiterate societies passed on stories - they made poems of them). Lots of rhymes. (not)

In any event, as part of National Poetry Month make it a point to be nice to a poet this month.