Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dollhouse Episode 5

It has been a busy weekend and I finally got around to watching the last Dollhouse episode on hulu this morning. I liked it. It was the first episode that I really liked. I liked that Reed Diamond has changed from ambiguous to a clear enemy, although I still think DeWitt is ambiguous. I liked that Agent Ballard saw Echo live and in person (well on teevee). I liked the mission Echo was on and thought it was clever to combine that with the "dislike factor" of the risk to her eyesight. (I especially liked that this episode didn't involve gratuitous sex for FOX audiences - that cult thing could have gone either way.) I thought the "Victor having an erection" crisis was very Whedon-esque (although part of me was picturing Xander in that scene and it working better with Xander saying the lines rather than the annoying Topher). All in all I liked it and I feel like it's going to finally start moving forward. Finally.

After I watched the episode, thanks to Jen's linky goodness, I read the original script for the original pilot and thought that we might have gotten to this point a lot faster if they would have allowed Joss to use that script. But it didn't, apparently, have enough gratuitous sexy scenes in it. And FOX must have thought all viewers were too dumb to "get it" with just small vignettes of her "missions". Noooooo. We have to spend 5 weeks showing full missions for us to understand the concept of a mission. I just hope they leave him alone and let him do his thing from now on.