Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dollhouse Episode 3

If you don't want spoilers, don't click for more.

Victor is a doll? 

Now there was a twist I didn't see coming. And was he an active inserted into the Russian mob without their knowledge or does this mean that the Russian mob is behind Dollhouse?   (Who were the suits who were talking with Sierra's handler at the end of the show? ) Does that make it more likely or less likely that the strange chick who lives across the hall from Ballard is a doll?

Early in this episode I was watching Tahmoh Penmikett's performance as Agent Ballard and thinking that it just wasn't doing anything for me.  He doesn't do anything for me.  And I was thinking that most Joss Whedon shows have an appealing male actor with real charisma.  David Boreanaz. Nathan Fillion.  James Marsters.  

I was idly thinking that the only male actor in this show that might have "it" is Enver Gjokaj whose portrayal of Victor I've found appealing.  And I was inwardly lamenting that he had the smaller role.  And I was wondering if I'd get tired of his Russian accent. This plot twist gives me hope.

Other than that, I wasn't particularly enamored with the stand alone plot of this episode.  Another week with lots of skin on display.  At least they didn't hire her out for sex again this week, that was starting to annoy me.  But the plot seemed like something they found in the vault originally intended for Charlie's Angels.

I give Eliza Dushku credit for singing.  I've never been a big fan of Dushku but I think she's done a good job on these three episodes and I don't fault her for the fact that I haven't connected with the Echo character.  It's a problem with the writing.  Having her switch personalities every week makes it really hard to connect with her and her blank character is uninteresting (at least, it was until the final moments of this episode).  I really want to get past these first stand alone introductory episodes and get to the point where Joss can be Joss. 

On the other hand, the few times I first saw Buffy I wasn't hooked on it either.  I didn't get hooked until I started watching it regularly (which was unintentional).  I never did get hooked on Angel even though I enjoyed it when I did watch it.  And they took Firefly off the air before I even got a chance to see more than one episode.  So maybe I shouldn't complain.

I found the end intriguing with the little signal exchange that happened between Echo and Sierra.  I think the development of Langdon's character is coming along.   I feel like more of the back story is developing.  All of which are positives.

But I don't really care about this show.  Not yet.

I'll keep watching until they take it off the air because I can't help myself, but I'd rather feel really sad when they take it off than indifferent.

And in the meantime I'll hope that I like Nathan Fillion's new show.