Saturday, February 7, 2009

DC - Travels Outside the Mind

The above was a postcard you could buy at The Spy Museum in DC.  I didn't buy it but I thought it was funny enough to take a picture of it with my iPhone.  Technically I didn't go to The Spy Museum, just to the gift shop.  It had all kinds of fun things to buy mostly relating to fictional spies.  My favorite part of the shop was a series of shelves devoted to Nancy Drew "stuff".

When I started this blog I was bemoaning the fact that my friends Megan and Adam were taking off a year to travel around the world and were blogging about it (and by the way they have some fabulous photos of Patagonia up at their blog right now) and I was stuck here at home.  I expected that I might take a few trips and I might blog about them.  But mostly I'd blog about other stuff I did in my life.  What I wouldn't blog about was politics (there are other places for that) or law (I just won't do it). 

A few weeks ago I spent about 5 days in Washington DC.  I've gone back and forth about whether to post something here about it.  It was travel and I had a lot of fun.  On the other hand I was there for the inauguration and that's political. 

I finally decided that anything I wrote belonged on a political site.  So ... if you want to read about my trip to DC you'll have to click one of the links below.  Don't worry, my Republican lurker friends -  even though the purpose was political there isn't much politics in what I wrote.  

Click here for my ShowmeProgress Post

Click here for my BooManTribune Post

They are identical.   If you don't want to register to comment at either of those places (registration is easy, don't hesitate) you can comment here or do what most of you normally do - talk to me in person :)