Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Books

I thought about listing my favorite books of 2008 but as I looked over my list (yes, I keep a list) I couldn't decide. There was no one book that "wowed" me so much this year that I would put it on my list of all time favorites although there were many good books.

I decided, instead, to just list all the books I read in 2008, with occasional notations.  Here they are (in approximately the order in which I read them):

Looking back on the year, I seem to have started heavily with non-fiction and gradually moved to mostly fiction.  I blame the election cycle - by about middle of May I needed an escape. 

One reason that I couldn't decide on a "best of" list is that I know very well that a book that I like very much on first reading may never entice me to read it again.  In the long run, I think great fiction books are books that get re-read.  There are two books on that list that I could see myself reading again to figure out how the author "captured" me: The Book of Air and Shadows and Mr. Pip.

If you are as anal as I am, feel free to add your own list to the comments. Or at least the books that stand out in your mind from this year.