Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lou Teicher (1924-2008)

Somehow I missed this. Lou Teicher, one half of the famous piano duo Ferrante & Teischer, died in August at the age of 83.

In a musical collaboration that spanned five decades and ended when the duo retired from the concert stage in 1989, Ferrante & Teicher recorded 150 original albums that, along with dozens of singles, sold 88 million records worldwide. In the process, they earned 22 gold and platinum records.

They seem dated and a little (ok, a lot) hokey in 2008 but they were big back in the day. Their easy listening version of Exodus went to #2 on the pop charts and Tonight went to #8. They were a part of my childhood and I always liked them. (I also always suspected that when my mother sent my sister and I for piano lessons she secretly wanted us to be able to play together like this.)